Norton Paint System Spray Gun Adapters

Paint System Spray Gun Adapters by Norton Abrasives

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Norton Paint System Spray Gun Adapters

Norton Paint System Adapters for Spray Guns

Adapters allow most spray guns to be easily adapted to the Norton Paint System

Adapters available for the most popular guns

Choose 1 Adapter

Norton Paint System Adapters

Norton Paint System - Think Outside the Cup

  • Distinctive unitized construction - spray in any position
  • Cup can be removed during spraying for better maneuverability
  • Collapsing liners will not leak even if cup is removed during spraying
  • Consistent spray pattern
  • Convenient paint storage
  • Easy and clean disposal
  • Use requires:
    • Lids, liners, rings, plugs - found in Norton Paint System Kits
    • Spray gun adapter - found in Norton Paint System Adapters
    • Measuring cup - found in Norton Paint System Accessories
    • Optional: Shaker cap, stir stick, liner dispenser, ring and lid dispenser - found in Norton Paint System Accessories
  • For detailed information, please download the Norton Paint System PDF
Adapter Norton Adapter 2A Norton Adapter 4A Norton Adapter 5A Norton Adapter 5A QuickConnect
2A 4A 5A 5A QuickConnect
Description 16mm Female, 1.5mm Thread 12mm Female, 1.0mm Thread 12mm Male, 1.5mm Thread Use with 5A for SATA 3000
Common Guns Sagola 403 G, 433 G, 434 G, 444 G, 450 G, 4100 G, 4200 G, 4300
SATA 3000 QuickConnect
Adapter Norton Adapter 6A Norton Adapter 7A Norton Adapter 8A Norton Adapter 9A
6A 7A 8A 9A
Description 1/4 Male, 19 Thread (BSP) 3/8 Female, 18 Thread (BSP) 12mm Male, 1.0mm Thread 16mm Male, 1.5mm Thread
Common Guns Asturo OM Green
Eminent E13
Iwata W300, LPH 300
Kremlin M21G
Accuspray Isaac Airgunsa AZ40 HTE
Walcom FX Geo, FX HVLP
Adapter Norton Adapter 10A Norton Adapter 11A Norton Adapter 12A Norton Adapter 12A QuickConnect
10A 11A 12A 12A QuickConnect
Description Elbow Swivel Nut, 1/4 Female, 19 Thread (BSP) 3/8 Male, 18 Thread (NPS) 10mm Male, 1.0mm Thread Use with 12A for SATA Mini-Jet 4
Common Guns Sharpe GT1, Platinum, Titanium, Cobalt, SGF 98 Sagola 475 Mini-Gun
SATA Mini-Jet, Mini-Jet 2, Mini-Jet 3
SATA Mini-Jet 4 QuickConnect
Adapter Norton Adapter 14A Norton Adapter 15A Norton Adapter 16A Norton Adapter 17A
14A 15A 16A 17A
Description 7/16 Male, 14 Thread (UNC) 3/8 Male, 19 Thread (BSP) 3/8 Female, 19 Thread (BSP) 1/4 Female, 19 Thread (BSP)
Common Guns DeVilbiss PRI, GTI, GTI Pro, GFG, GFV, GFHV 510
Adapter Norton Adapter 18A Norton Adapter 19A Norton Adapter 20A Norton Adapter 21A
18A 19A 20A 21A
Description 3/8 Female, 18 Thread (NPS) 3/8 Female, 19 Thread (BSP) 1/8 Male, 27 Thread (UPSM) 14mm Female, 1.0mm Thread
Adapter Norton Adapter 22A Norton Adapter 23A Norton Adapter 24A Norton Adapter 25A
22A 23A 24A 25A
Description 8mm Male, 0.75mm Thread 1/4 Female, 18 Thread (NPS) Elbow Swivel Nut, 1/4 Female, 18 Thread (NPS) 1/4 Female, 19 Thread (BSP)
Adapter Norton Adapter 31A Norton Adapter 32A Norton Adapter 37A Norton Adapter 43A
31A 32A 37A 43A
Description 1/8 Male, 28 Thread 18mm Female, 1.5mm Thread 5/8-11 Modified Thread (modified) 1/4 Male, 19 Thread (BSP)

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