Tile is the perfect material for flooring because of its high strength and water-resistant nature. Unfortunately, the grout that sits in between the tiles isn’t quite as formidable. It tends to gather dirt and other contaminates over time, turning the brightest white to a dull grey or even yucky brown. Grout does this especially quickly in humid environments like bathrooms. So, what do you use to purify even the toughest grout stains and make them shine again? Here you'll find some tips for cleaning the grout between your tiles.

Suggested Supplies

Here are a few tools you’ll need to get the job done right:

The Process

First, tape and plastic wrap any stainless-steel appliances so as not to damage their surfaces with the cleaner. Also protect carpet and baseboards as best you can with towels or tape. After that, sweep or vacuum the area thoroughly.

Now, to mix the grout cleaner. For Advanced Tile and Stone Cleaner, mix four to six ounces of cleaner per gallon of water. For tougher stains, you can use up to one-part cleaner to three-parts water. Apply the formula to your floor and wait for three to five minutes without letting the formula dry. Then with your handy grout brush, brush away the accumulation and stains. Once your grout is sparkling again, mop the floor thoroughly with water then allow the surface to dry.

Next, if you wish to protect your grout from further stains, you can use Advanced Green Enhance and Protect Sealer to seal the surface. Be very careful and do not apply the sealer formula around carpet, hardwood, and vinyl. Use gloves to apply it to the tile and grout. Keep the area well ventilated and allow to dry completely. 

Once finished, enjoy your shiny new tile floor! For any other major home improvement projects, you can trust us to get you the supplies you need. Contact us today if there's anything you require.