ProvaFlex Ceramic Tile and Stone Underlayment 269 SF Roll

ProvaFlex Ceramic Tile and Stone Underlayment 269 SF Roll by Pro-Source Center


Prova Flex Tile Underlayment and Crack Isolation Membrane - 269 Square ft roll

ProvaFlex stone and tile Underlayment, A complete, easy to install

Ceramic tile Underlayment, crack isolation membrane for wood and concrete Floors Tile

269 Square Feet - 39.5" x 82 Feet

This tile underlayment isolation membrane may be used with modified or unmodified thinset.

Pro Flex Tile Underlayment Isolation Membrane

This product was tested by TNCA for EXTRA HEAVY duty

This product is virtually identical in construction and performance to Durabase CI++. For this listing and the CI++ listing, we will ship the lowest cost, most available product.

Pro Flex Roll Pro Flex Close Up

ProVa-Flex is a polypropylene membrane sandwiched between a white polypropylene non-woven fabric on the underside to maximize bonding to the subfloor. It also has an intervoven polypropylene netting material adhered to the top surface to provide mechanical bonding properties as well as enhancing the surface of contact with mortars used.

ProVa-Flex is lightweight, flexible, bridges cracks, does not rot and is highly resistant to solutions containing salts, acids, and alkalis, as well as many organic solvents, alcohols and oils. It is highly impervious to steam.

ProVa-Flex is used as an underlay for ceramic tiles and natural stone. It acts as an "uncoupling" membrane on all suitable substrates and as a water vapor pressure equalization membrane against dampness in the substrate. ProVa Flex protects against dampness in the substrate and is ready to tile immediately after installation.

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Concrete Screeds incorporating heating systems
  • Wood Based plywood or OSB
  • Synthetic flooring and surface coatings
  • Gypsum based (anhydrite) screeds
  • Bituminous Screed


  • Will not rot or crack and is impervious to most substances.
  • Bridges cracks and provides an isolation layer to prevent cracking of tile surface.
  • Can be laid on a variety of substrates.
  • System may use modified thinset for better adhesion and to help eliminate failure possibilities.
  • Can be 100% waterproofed by adding a 5" wide WP waterproofing band over the seams (with thin-set)



ProVa-Flex tile underlay provides a separation layer between tile and substrate, which prevents stress transfer to the tile surface. It neutralizes stresses caused by the deformation or shifting of the substrate. The tile underlay bridges cracks that may develop in the substrate.

Equalizes Vapor Pressure

Air channels beneath the this underlay remain open to allow moisture in the substrate to evaporate. Joint Strip must be used to maintain a continuous barrier.


Polypropylene is impermeable against other building chemicals. It is easier to install and lays out flatter than a tile underlayment made of polyethylene.


Tough yet pliable - to bend around corners and projections without breaking even in low temperatures. ProVa Flex can be cut with a knife or scissors. The unique profile design and inter-woven polypropylene netting material works to increase surface area to provide for a stronger bond between underlay and tile.

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