Bosch Saw Blades

Saw Blades by Bosch

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Bosch Saw Blades

  • Bosch offers the most innovation and widest variety of multi-tool cutting accessories, which represent 80 percent of the multi-tool applications used
  • Quantity Varies

Bosch Saw Blades

  • Whether the material is wood, hardwood, sheet metal, tile, stone, fiberglass or nail-embedded wood, Bosch offers a cutting solution at the best price-for-performance ratio in the industry
  • Cutting accessories are the most commonly used type of blade for oscillating tools
  • Bosch offers many sizes and styles that are solutions for users looking to make cuts in wood, metal, plastics, and many others
  • For example, plunge blades are great for making cuts for vents in wood flooring while saw blades (segmented) are great for corner cuts in base board


Blade Construction Blade Type Usage Description Application Size Amount Part Number
BIM (Bi-Metal) Circular Saw Blade Wood, Metal Titanium BIM circular saw blade for wood and metal Expanded surface area with full saw, designed for sheet metal, fiberglass and nail-embedded wood 2-1/2" 1 Pack OSC212TC
3-1/4" 1 Pack OSC314TC
Plunge Cut Blade Hardwood BIM Japanese-tooth plunge cut blade for hardwood Hardwood 1-1/4" 1 Pack OSC138JF
5 Pack OSC138JF-5
Metal BIM plunge cut blade for metal Cuts and easily removes debris in abrasive woodworking materials. Maneuvers easily in wood 2-1/2" 1 Pack OSC212FH
Cutting thin-gauge metal (sheet metal and metal studs) 1-1/4" 1 Pack OSC138MF
Wood, Metal BIM plunge cut blade for wood and metal Cutting nails in trim work 3/8" 1 Pack OSC38F
3/4" 1 Pack OSC34F
5 Pack OSC34F-5
Cutting wood floors or metal (nails and staples) 1-1/8" 1 Pack OSL114F
5 Pack OSC118F-5
Segmented Saw Blade Wood, Metal BIM segmented saw blade for wood and metal Making wide cuts in door jambs and cutting nails in trim work 4" 1 Pack OSC4F
Trimming door jambs with nails 3-1/2" 1 Pack OSC312F
Titanium BIM segmented saw blade for wood and metal Sheet metal, fiberglass and nail-embedded wood 2-1/2" 1 Pack OSC212T
3-1/4" 1 Pack OSC314T
HCS (High-Carbon Steel) Plunge Cut Blade Wood HCS plunge cut blade for wood Cutting door jambs and trim work 1-1/4" 1 Pack OSC112
Cutting wood floors, dowls or trim work 3/4" 1 Pack OSC34
5 Pack OSC34-5
3/8" 1 Pack OSC38
Segmented Saw Blade Wood HCS segmented saw blade for wood Trimming door jambs or cutting drywall 3-1/2" 1 Pack OSC312
Serrated Knife -- HCS serrated knife Cutting insulation, boxes or other soft materials 4" 1 Pack OSC4K

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