Sia Abrasive Belts 4 1/2 Inch

Abrasive Belts 4 1 2 Inch by Sia

$2.82 - $31.47

Sia Abrasive Belts 4-1/2" x Various Lengths

High performance quality abrasive belts

Swiss-made with precision

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Prices vary with length

1 Belt

TopTec Belt Technology

Available Belts

Series # Series Name Description Length Grit Seam Type Item Number
2718 Siapan TopTec Stationary belt machine sanding. Product is designed for sectional belts. Excellent performance and finish on all wood based panels such as MDF, PB. Dust free properties. Silicon carbide grain. Z weight polyester cloth 259" 36 Straight 3525.8546.0036
2925 Sialox Deburring and edges breaking. Smooth grinding of weld seams. Treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Flat grinding of sheets. Grinding down plastic protrusions. Aluminum oxide grain. X or Y weight mixed fabric cloth 60" 24 Straight 2925
36 Straight 2925
40 Straight 2925
50 Straight 2925
60 Straight 2925
80 Straight 2925
100 Straight 2925
120 Straight 2925
150 Straight 2925
180 Straight 2925
220 Straight 2925
320 Straight 2925
400 Straight 2925
2928 Siaral More aggressive than 2920. Flush sanding of edges and rabbets. Fine sanding of surfaces and edges. Coarse to fine sanding in plywood production. Coarse to fine sanding of glued soft/hardwood boards. Sanding off old varnish and paint. Aluminum oxide grain. X weight cotton cloth 144" 120 Straight 1665.7061.0120
2920 Siawood TopTec Hand machine and stationary belt machine sanding on hard and soft woods. Open coating prevents loading. Strong X-weight backing for good performance. TopTec technology. Aluminum oxide grain. X or Y weight cotton cloth 144" 150 Straight 1540.0047.0150

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