Sia Abrasive Belts 2 1/2 Inch

Abrasive Belts 2 1 2 Inch by Sia

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Sia Abrasive Belts 2-1/2" x Various Lengths

High performance quality abrasive belts

Swiss-made with precision

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1 Belt

Available Belts

Series # Series Name Description Length Grit Seam Type Item Number
2510 Siabite Grinding of burrs and welding seams. Turbine blades. Ceramic / Aluminum oxide grain. X or Y weight polycotton cloth 15-1/2" 80 Straight 8805.2281.0080
2707 Siawat Waterproof - can be used wet or dry. Stationary belt machine grinding on wide variety of metals, woods, glass and composites. Excellent finishing product. Suitable for sectional belts. Silicon carbide grain. Y weight polyester cloth 18-15/16" 100 Straight 7711.3346.0100
220 Straight 7754.0010.0220
320 Straight 7754.0010.0320
400 Straight 7754.0010.0400
600 Straight 7754.0010.0600
2829 Siaron Waterproof - use on wet and dry applications. Grinding on wood, steel, stainless, high alloys and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Very high performance and durability. Active grinding agents in size coat reduce glazing and prolong lifetime. Zirconia / Aluminum oxide grain. Y weight polyester cloth 48" 60 Straight 3056.3003.0060
2925 Sialox Deburring and edges breaking. Smooth grinding of weld seams. Treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Flat grinding of sheets. Grinding down plastic protrusions. Aluminum oxide grain. X or Y weight mixed fabric cloth 14" 40 Straight 6990.6262.0040
50 Straight 0850.0434.0050
80 Straight 6990.6262.0080
15-1/2" 100 Straight 4667.5658.0100
31-7/16" 80 Straight 6620.8066.0080
48" 60 Straight 5754.3769.0060
80 Straight 5754.3769.0080
60" 36 Straight 2378.6512.0036
50 Straight 2378.6512.0050
60 Straight 2378.6512.0060
80 Straight 2378.6512.0080
132" 240 Straight 5084.3615.0240
2936 Siatur Hand and stationary belt machine sanding on hard and soft woods, as well as wood related products. Very flexible JJ-cloth backing makes product very suitable for profile sanding applications. Very good and consistent performance. Aluminum oxide grain. JJ weight cotton cloth 96-1/2" 120 Lap 6104.6788.0120
110" 150 Lap 7355.9463.0150
220" 80 Lap 1078.3914.0080
2951 Siatur Stationary belt machine grinding and sanding on non-ferrous metals, steel, wood and wood based products. Highly flexible H-weight backing adapts and performs well on shapes. Aluminum oxide grain. H weight cotton 150" 100 Lap 5868.1949.0100
200" 100 Lap 0339.4156.0100
150 Lap 7236.9123.0150
6250 SCM Cleaning, finishing and graining metal surfaces. Aluminum oxide grain. Nylon fleece 48" Extra Coarse Straight 1321.0400.1922
90" Coarse Straight 4413.4804.2922

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