Underfloor heating has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking for HVAC solutions, and for good reason. It offers some notable benefits and alternatives to traditional heating and cooling. Here are just a few reasons that underfloor heating could be worth installing in your home.


People are often surprised to learn that underfloor heating offers a significant hygiene benefit compared to conventional heating. One of the most troublesome household pests, the dust mite, is as prevalent as it is because conventionally heated houses tend to have dampness and condensation on the floor, the ideal breeding ground for the little bugs. Underfloor heating eliminates this massive are for pests to spread.


Underfloor heating requires that each room have its thermostat, which means each room can have its own temperature setting. Rooms that aren’t used much won’t be chewing up your energy bill, while rooms that are used often can be tailored to the comfort of the individuals who use them.

Energy efficiency

Efficiency is usually the benchmark most people use when deciding whether to heat their homes traditionally or with underfloor heating, and it’s a good way to decide. Unless comfort is your only concern, it’s often best to compromise to save money. Single level homes with fewer rooms benefit the most from underfloor heating, but any home can take advantage of it.


If you’re interested in having your home evaluated for an underfloor heating installation, contact us for more information!