Radiant Underfloor Heating 120 V Complete

Radiant Underfloor Heating 120 V Complete by Thermonet

$228.60 - $1044.73

Radiant Underfloor Heating System 120 V Complete

120 V Complete System

The Ultimate in Underfloor Heating

Lifetime Warranty

9 Square Foot - 118 Square Foot Kits

Lay out the Thermonet in any pattern Thermonet keeps your feet warm

Radiant Underfloor Heating 120 V Complete System

Feel the Difference... Feel the Warmth


  • Your Choice of 120V Heating Mat Size
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Floor Sensor + 1 Free Additional Backup Floor Sensor

The ultimate in underfloor radiant heating. If you want complete comfort, you must start at the floor. Why?... Because heat rises!

This electric underfloor heating is very efficient because it keeps the heat where its needed, not up by the ceiling. This allows you to maintain a balanced room temperature at your comfort level, and is especially helpful for cathedral ceilings. The luxurious feel of warm floors will give your house the touch of home.

It is cost effective (pennies to use) and the product, itself, is affordable. The Under Floor heathing system has been proven to achieve optimum performance, and is effective as a primary heating source. Also, Under Floor heathing does not affect humidity or spread dust and germs like conventional heating systems.

Under Floor heathing imposes no limits on the capabilities of the room, because it does not take up extra space or hinder decorating projects. No matter what size room you may have or what type of floor, Under Floor heathing will work for you!

  • Affordable and Comfortable
  • Warm and Efficient
  • Safe and Easy to Install
  • Fits Any Room
  • Reliable and Invisible
  • Silent with NO Moving Parts or Leaking Pipes

Under Floor heathing - The Ultimate in Underfloor Heating

Bring Soothing Comfort of Warmth to any Room

  • Baths
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Hallway
  • Laundry Room
  • Dining Room
  • Any Room

Underfloor Heatmats

  • Simple and Fast Installation
  • Adds Less Than 1/8" to Finished Floor Level
  • Suitable for All Subfloors - Solid, Wood and Floating
  • Fully Approved for Domestic and Commercial Installations, Including Wet Rooms
  • Works with Most Floor Finishes, Including Ceramic, Stone, Vinyl, Wood and Carpet
  • Fits Any Room Size and Shape
  • Pre-spaced for Guaranteed Heat Output
  • Primary or Secondary Heat Source
  • Maintenance Free

How Much Warmth Do You Want?

Under Floor heathing heatmats are designed for easy planning and installation. Each mat is 20" wide and comes in varied lengths, allowing you to customize for the square footage of each room. Simply calculate the floor space where Under Floor heathing is needed, and choose the appropriately sized mat. (The heating elements CANNOT BE CUT! Please choose the mat that is sized equal to or less than your desired area.) These Heatmats are 120 Volts. Please see the 220 V Under Floor heathing systems for larger rooms.

For planning purposes, count on usage rating of about 13.5 watts per square foot - a 32 SF kit would be rated for 433 watts.

4 Easy Steps to Installation

Thermonetintr1 img

Step 1

Start laying your mat nearest to the thermostat location. Unroll it with the yellow wire down. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut the blue mesh backing to fit.

Thermonetinstr2 img

Step 2

When you reach the end of your first run, separate the yellow heating wire from the blue mesh at the loop ends. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut the blue mesh to size. NEVER CUT THE YELLOW WIRE!

Thermonetinstr3 img

Step 3

After cutting mesh, the next run can be at any angle. Curves or angles can also be accommodated by detaching the yellow heating wire from the blue mesh, and just laying the wire independently.

Thermonetinstr4 img

Step 4

Long lengths of Under Floor heathing heatmat can be cut and turned any number of times. After positioning, Under Floor heathing should lie flat. Now, you are ready to trowel your tile thinset or floor leveling compound over the heating mat and then lay your flooring material.

Download the complete installation guide .pdf for more thorough instructions.

Install Under Floor heathing Wherever You Need It

Ceramic Floor Tile, Marble, Slate, etc.

Underfloor heating works very well with all types of ceramic and stone-based floor surfaces, since these offer minimum resistance to heat transfer. The normal surface temperature of ceramic floor surfaces is slightly lower than room temperature, which is often 20-30 degrees less than body temperature. This results in the floor felling very cool to the touch.

Underfloor heating systems efficiently remove this uncomfortable chill. The programmable thermostat will keep your floor at your desired comfort level - never hot, just comfortable.

Vinyl, Linoleum, Laminate, Carpet

Almost every type of floor surface is suitable for use with underfloor heating. Heat conduction remains high as these types of materials offer little resistance to heat transfer. Under Floor heathing, heatmats for these type of floor surfaces are laid in the normal way, except that they need to be covered with a layer of self-leveling floor compound.

To ensure even heat distribution, the self-leveling floor compound should be a minimum thickness of 3/8". Allow the self-leveling floor compound to cure. Then, the floor of your choice can be installed in the normal manner.

Energy Cost Savings

With the rising cost of fuel today, Rradiant underfloor heat is Todays Solution!

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