Shield Advanced Antimicrobial Treatment

Shield Advanced Antimicrobial Treatment by The Tile Doctor


Shield Advanced Antimicrobial Treatment by The Tile Doctor

Makes your surfaces virtually self-cleaning

Works on ceramic tile, stone, grout, waterproofing membrane, mastic, thinset, backerboard, and fiberglass

Works by physical microbe elimination rather than using chemicals

Keeping Your Grout Clean

The Tile Doctor Shield Difference

Better Than Competitive Products

  • Does not leach to transfer harmful chemicals to the environment or family members.
  • Does not require light to activate process
  • An antimicrobial solution that is effective in manufacturing applications and can be recharged topically.
  • No VOC's.
  • No effect on coefficient of friction (COF).

Virtually Self-Cleaning

The Tile Doctor Shield can make a surface hydrophobic (water hating) or hydrophilic (water loving), which means your surface is much easier to clean and virtually cleans itself. A Tile Doctor Shield protected surface releases stains, and prevents hard water and soap scum deposits. Those surfaces can be maintained with simple soap and water, and fewer toxic chemicals go down the drain through a cleaning process.

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  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Eliminates need for harsh cleansers
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner, longer
  • Registered and available worldwide
  • Prevents deterioration of surfaces due to microbial contamination


  • No VOC's
  • Does not leach
  • Does not rub off or migrate onto the skin
  • No heavy metals, silver, arsenic, or polychlorinated phenols
  • Safe enough to wear
  • More than 30 years of effective use


  • Single application lasts for months
  • Covalent bonding to surface
  • Easy to apply
  • Cross-linking for maximum effectiveness


  • 99.9% Kill log
  • Effective against objectionable odors and stains due to microbial growth

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Nothing is less environmentally friendly than our disposable culture, and perception is as critical as reality. Microbes can wreak havoc on the appearance and functionality of any durable good, leading to premature erosion of the product. Staining and odors from microbes leave the perception of lost utility long before the product is actually ready for disposal. Functionally enhanced microbial protection can give products a longer, more useful life, so it can be reused or recycled.

Tile Doctor Shield is a green product

Safe and Durable for 30 Years

Without exception, the technology behind Tile Doctor Shield is the unsurpassed technical and scientific leader in antimicrobial technology in non-leaching antimicrobial, used by the leaders of numerous other industries and brands. The technology is accepted, registered and readily available worldwide.

Indoor Air Quality

VOC's, or volatile organic compounds, are a critical component of LEED Certifications for indoor air quality. Shield contains no VOC's, and initial testing indicates a positive effect on indoor air quality.

Cradle to Cradle Accountability

Sustainability should be considered from every aspect of sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, use, disposal and recyclability. Many antimicrobials leach into the water, creating harmful effects for waste water or run-off, and have been negatively recognized for their impact on fish and other wildlife.


microorganisms without the use of chemical toxins. Competing technologies use heavy metals, silver, triclosan or other leaching chemicals that emit low doses of toxins in order to be effective. Furthermore, once the supply of chemicals is used up, there is diminishing return on the efficacy.

Physical Elimination of Microbes

In contrast to a leaching technology, Shield provides a mechanical mode of antimicrobial protection. This means there is a physical rupturing of the microbe's cell membrane on direct contact, rather than by poisoning. Shield draws the average microbe (3 microns wide) onto a surface with magnetic force, rupturing the cell wall with the equivalent of 25,000 spears. The modified surface becomes inhospitable to a broad spectrum of bacteria, algae and fungi. There is no chemical to be consumed by microbes - or by humans. It does not dissipate or become depleted and allows continual control of microbial growth over time. The antimicrobial will be fully effective as long as the surface remains intact.

Long-term Effectiveness

Adding to Shield's safety profile is its characteristic of covalently (permanently) bonding to surfaces, allowing for residual protection long after the initial application. This allows for a protected environment long after traditional antimicrobials or sanitizers have ceased working. The use of Shield allows surfaces to be protected in between routine cleaning.

Bacteria need four things to survive: water/moisture, nutrients, temperature and pH levels, and a receptive surface.

Tile Doctor Shield draws the average microbe (3 microns wide) onto a surface with magnetic force, rupturing the cell wall with the equivalent of 25,000 spears. A Tile Doctor Shield surface is inhospitable to a broad spectrum of microbe like bacteria, algae and fungi.

Any product can benefit from Tile Doctor Shield protection:

Other products in the Shield line:

Prepare 24oz

Cleans the surface so you can apply Shield
Maintain 24oz

Keeps Shield working at maximum performance
  • Prevent the growth of odor and stain-producing bacteria.
  • Keep surfaces cleaner, longer.
  • Prevent the deterioration of surfaces due to microbial growth.

All of these products and more can be protected by incorporating or applying Tile Doctor Shield:

  • Ceramic Tile or Natural Stone
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Grout
  • Membrane, Waterproofing and Crack Suppression
  • Mastic
  • Thinset
  • Backerboard
  • Fiberglass Enclosures

Tile Doctor Shield can be used Virtually Anywhere:

  • Hospitals and Medical Areas
  • Public Areas
  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and Universities

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