FlexTherm Green Cable Concrete 240 VAC Radiant Floor Heat Wire

Green Cable Concrete 240 VAC Radiant Floor Heat Wire by FlexTherm


Available Accessories

FlexTherm FLP55 Electronic Programmable Thermostat WiFi Remote Access

  • Wi-Fi programmable floor heating thermostat allows control of floor or ambient temperature manually or remotely
  • Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (Class A GFCI)
  • Modes: automatic, manual, away, standby, frost safe
  • Remote access and 7-day programming, up to 8 periods per day


FlexTherm FLP50 Non Programmable Thermostat for Heated Floors

  • Floor heating thermostat allows manual control of floor or ambient temperature
  • Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (Class A GFCI)
  • Floor sensor (15 feet) included
  • Auxiliary output allowing the control of an auxiliary heating system
  • Backlit display


FlexTherm TR1310 Expansion Unit for FLP55 and FLK50 Thermostats

  • Expansion slave unit allows large-area heating control with a single thermostat
  • Simple daisy chain installation
  • Up to 10 expansion units controllable from a single FLP55 or FLK50 thermostat
  • Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (Class A GFCI)
  • Each unit supports a load of 15 A


FlexTherm FLR240 Relay for Wire Heating Exceeding 15A

  • Heavy duty 240 VAC power relay
  • Allows control of heating system wire loads over 15A up to 24A
  • 2-pole relay controls up to 5760 watts
  • Can be used with virtually any thermostat
  • Specified part for larger FlexTherm heating wires/mattes


FlexTherm FLS1240 Additional Thermal Floor Probe for FLP55 and FLK50

  • Thermal Floor Probe (10K)
  • 4.6 m or 15 ft long
  • Specifically designed to work perfectly with FlexTherm systems
  • Compatible with FLP55, FLP45, FLP35 programmable and FLK50, FLK35 non-programmable thermostats


FlexTherm FLS1260T Conduit for Thermal Probe Floor Heat Systems

  • Flexible plastic conduit for thermal floor probes
  • Specifically designed for the FlexTherm FLS1240 thermal floor probe
  • Properly accommodates a floor probe with a 15 ft lead
  • Is specifically designed to protect probe lead for embedded concrete or topping mix installations


Total: $223.85

FlexTherm Green Cable Concrete 240 VAC Radiant Floor Heating Wire with Prova Flex-Heat+ uncoupling anticrack membrane like ditra-heat

  • 240 VAC cable heating specifically designed for concrete
  • Easiest install - no return feed required
  • Can accommodate most any heat-compatible floor covering
  • Designed for installation in wet or dry environments
  • Can purchase just heating wire or add accessories for complete system

FlexTherm Green Cable Concrete 240 VAC Radiant Floor Heating Wire
Consult Chart Below to Choose Length
After choosing wire length, "click" Accessories button in your cart to add components to complete installation

Installed in the concrete slab or under a concrete topping during construction, Green Cable Concrete provides the ultimate in uniform comfort. It uses the exceptional heat storing and releasing capacity of the concrete slab to spread heat more evenly and for a longer period of time.


  • Designed specifically to be buried in concrete
  • 5W cable produces 10 or 15 watts per SF
  • No surface preparation or maintenance cost
  • Compatible with most floor coverings
  • Easy installation: no return feed required for connection
  • Convenient installation: uniform anchoring system ensures speedy installation
  • Bright colored product makes it easier to install on the construction site
  • EMF-free (electromagnetic fields)*
  • Energy savings of up to 28%**
  • Designed for installation in a wet environment (make sure that the installation complies with the local or regional electrical code)
  • Manufactured entirely at the FlexTherm plant, with end-to- end quality control
  • Installation with modified thin-set mortar provides higher installation performance versus unmodified installs
  • CSA approved (Canada and the US)
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • 208 VAC systems also available special order - call for details

*Based on the installation instructions included in the FlexTherm installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).
**In a room heated by a FlexTherm floor heating system.


Use the chart below to determine what length of FlexTherm Green Cable Concrete you require for your installation. 4 Inch spacing at 15W/SF can only be used with hard installed surfaces like porcelain, ceramic or stone. The 6 Inch spacing at 10W/SF is acceptable for all other floor types that have manufacture approval with floor heat. These can include engineered wood, vinyl, linoleum, carpet with no rubber back or carpet padding and other approved floating floors. Please check with the manufacturer of your desired flooring material for compatibility. Once you have selected the correct length and part# for your application, select that item for your cart then click for associated accessories like thermostats to create a complete installation system. NOTE: if you do not have an acceptable alternative, you will require the FLS1260T conduit to properly and safely install your temperature probe into the concrete slab.

FlexTherm Green
Cable Concrete
Heat Wire Part #
SF Coverage for
4" spacing - porcelain,
ceramic or stone
15 W per SF
SF Coverage for
6" spacing - all other
compatible floor coverings
10 W per SF
Wattage (W) Amperage (A) Length (ft)
GC240C0027 11 14 133 0.6 27
GC240C0054 21 28 268 1.2 54
GC240C0076 29 39 379 1.6 76
GC240C0095 35 49 473 2.0 95
GC240C0114 42 58 568 2.4 114
GC240C0134 49 69 669 2.8 134
GC240C0151 55 77 757 3.2 151
GC240C0170 62 87 852 3.6 170
GC240C0189 68 97 947 4.0 189
GC240C0219 79 113 1097 4.6 219
GC240C0248 88 128 1238 5.2 248
GC240C0272 97 140 1362 5.7 272
GC240C0300 107 154 1499 6.3 300
GC240C0356 127 182 1779 7.5 356
GC240C0409 145 209 2043 8.6 409
GC240C0471 166 241 2356 9.9 471
GC240C0538 189 274 2688 11.2 538
GC240C0605 212 308 3027 12.7 605
GC240C0657 232 334 3280 13.7 657
GC240C0719 254 365 3590 15.0 719
GC240C0773* 273 393 3860 16.1 773
GC240C0825* 292 419 4135 17.2 825

* Attention: Intensity of this cable exceeds 15A and requires the installation of a separate relay (FLR240) and GFCI.

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Green Cable Concrete

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