Starlike Crystal Glass Epoxy Grout 11 lb

Starlike Crystal Glass Epoxy Grout 11 lb by Pro Supply Center


Litokol Litochrom Starlike Crystal Glass Epoxy Grout featuring Chameleon Effect 11 lb tub with easy install and water clean up

  • Translucent Effect Allows Grout to Take on Color of Surrounding Glass Mosaic
  • 100% Solids Epoxy is Stain, UV and Chemical Resistant
  • Easier cleanup than many other full epoxy grouts
  • Non Shrink with High Compression Strength

Install Starlike Crystal Epoxy Grout Easy Steps

Note: An 11 lb unit may actually ship as two 5.5 lb units. This product IS NOT a see-through or transparent finished product. It has a translucent or opaque appearance allowing colored light to shine through and create a color shade from adjacent tile. For tile that does not project colored light, this grout provides a neutral look to the grout line.

Starlike Epoxy Grout Square foot chart

Grout comsumption varies with material, installation and installer's skill level and this chart provides only a guideline. The chart also assumes grout lines are half-full of thin-set.

Litokrol LogoStarlike Crystal epoxy grout Bucket
  • Apply a single grout product to your entire array of glass mosaics
  • Allows your grout to take on a chameleon effect - mimicking color of adjacent tile
  • Works best with solid "through-color" mosaics
  • Will offer more subtle effect with color-backed glass
  • 100% solids epoxy is stain, UV and Chemical resistant
  • Easier Water Clean Up! Much easier than most other commercial-grade full-solids epoxy grouts
  • Low installation toxicity especially when compared to other epoxies
  • Can be used in all wet areas (pools, hot tubs, steam areas, outdoors) unlike urethanes
  • Offers a non-shrink formula with high compression strength
  • Commercial rating - impervious to nearly all exposure - antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Use in pool and other outdoor installations! UV stability resists yellowing.
  • Optimum Installation Temperature is 65 - 73 degrees F.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step11. Cut pouch and
add parts A&B together.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step22. Mix well.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step33. Float onto surface as
you would any grout -
apply pressure at an angle.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step44. Clean immediately with
non-scratch felt pad
and plenty of water. Use
no pressure on surface.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step55. Sponge surface to
remove all remaining haze.
Starlike Epoxy Grout Step66. Any haze visible after
24 hours can be removed
with specific chemicals for
Epoxy haze removal and
a cloth.

Starlike epoxy Grout UV ResistanceStarlike Epoxy Grout Install ingex

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