Starlike 5.5 lb Solid Epoxy Grout Classic Colors Plus Shimmer Additive

Starlike 5 5 lb Solid Epoxy Grout Classic Colors Plus Shimmer Additive by Pro Supply Center


Litokol Litochrom Starlike 100% Solids Epoxy Grout Classic Colors 5.5 lb tub Galaxy Spotlight Gold Shimmer

  • 100% Solids Epoxy is Stain, UV and Chemical Resistant
  • Water Cleanup Makes It the Easiest Epoxy to Install
  • Non Shrink with High Compression Strength
  • Shimmer Additives Transform Each Color for a Unique Look (see .pdf for color look after shimmer additive)
Litokol Hi-Performance Building Products

Litokol Litochrom Starlike Epoxy Grout and Mortar


Fruit on Tile UV Resistant
  • 100% solids epoxy is stain, UV and Chemical resistant
  • Easier Water Clean Up! Easier than any other commercial-grade full-solids epoxy!
  • Installation is easier than some other high-performance grouts as well (e.g. easier than Urethane)
  • Low installation toxicity especially when compared to other epoxies
  • Can be used in all wet areas (pools, hot tubs, steam areas, outdoors) unlike urethanes
  • Offers a non-shrink formula with high compression strength
  • Can be mixed with additives to transform appearance and add pizzazz (see other listings).
  • Commercial rating - impervious to nearly all exposure - does not promote bacteria or microbial growth
  • Is much more UV Stable than other epoxies - can be use outside and resists yellowing

Color chart represents base colors only. Please review complete .pdf color chart to view shimmer effects.

Grout Consumption Chart

Colors (Zoomed In To Show Texture)

Litochom C470 epoxy groutBianco Assoluto
Litochom C270 epoxy groutBianco Ghiaccio
Litochom C310 epoxy groutTitanio C.310
Litochom C220 epoxy groutSilver C.220
Litochom C480 epoxy groutArdesia C.480
Litochom C240 epoxy groutAntracite C.240
Litochom C280 epoxy groutGrigio C.280
Litochom C420 epoxy groutMoka C.420
Litochom C300 epoxy groutPietra d'Assisi
Litochom C250 epoxy groutSabbia C.250
Litochom C490 epoxy groutTortora C.490
Litochom C290 epoxy groutTravertino C.290


Step 1 install litochrom epoxy grout1. Cut pouch and add parts A and B together.
Step 2 install litochrom epoxy grout2. Mix well.
Step 3 install litochrom epoxy grout3. Float onto surface as you would any grout - apply pressure at an angle.
Step 4 install litochrom epoxy grout4. Clean immediately with non-scratch felt pad and plenty of water. Use no pressure on surface.
Step 5 install litochrom epoxy grout5. Sponge surface to remove all remaining haze.
Step 6 install litochrom epoxy grout6. Any haze visible after 24 hours can be removed with specific chemicals for Epoxy haze removal and a cloth.

Technical Specifications

View Full Technical Specifications (PDF)

Patented Grout and Adhesive Mortar

  • Patent Product 05744761.7 B1
  • Classification EN 13888: Class RG Reactive grout
  • Classification EN 12004: Class R2T Enhanced reactive adhesive with zero vertical slip


Two-part anti-acid epoxy mortar. Part A consists of an epoxy resin mixture, siliceous aggregates and additives. Part B consists of a mixture of organic catalysts. The product's main characteristics are:

  • Extremely easy application and cleaning, even compared to normal cementious sealants.
  • Stable and uniform coloring for all types of tiles with exclusive color effects.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Waterproof.
  • Total absence of cracking or crazing during hardening.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.

Fields of Application

Suitable for acid-resistant installation and grouting of floor and wall tiles and mosaic in interiors and exteriors with grout joints between 1 and 15 mm wide, such as:

  • Floor and wall tiles in general.
  • Floor and wall tiles in bathrooms and showers.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Kitchen countertops.
  • Terraces and balconies.

Suitable for applications where the surfaces are exposed to aggressive chemical substances (see chemical resistance table) such as dairies, abattoirs, pubs, food factories in general.

It is also recommended for grouting swimming pools and tanks containing thermal or brackish water.Suitable for installation and grouting of mosaic in swimming pools on waterproof membranes such as Elastocem and Coverflex.

Suitable to the contact with food items. The product can be used for the grouting of ceramic tiles in environments submitted to direct contact with food items, such as: workbenches for meat, dairy products or flours, basins for fish breeding, kitchen tables in restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops.

Time Before Grouting

  • Floor tile installation with normal-setting adhesive: 24 hours
  • Floor tile installation with fast-setting adhesive: 4 hours
  • Floor tile installation with mortar: 7-10 days
  • Wall tile installation with normal-setting adhesive: 6-8 hours
  • Wall tile installation with fast-setting adhesive: 4 hours
  • Wall tile installation with mortar: 2-3 days
Walk-On Time 24 hours at or above room temperature
Ready for Use 5 days at or above room temperature
Pot Life Up to 1 hour at or above room temperature
Consumption as Mortar (4mm Trowel) 1.6 Kg/m2

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