Dremel Rotary Tool Polishing Brushes

Rotary Tool Polishing Brushes by Dremel

$2.45 - $5.83

Dremel Rotary Tool Polishing Brushes

  • Very effective on flat surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas like slots
  • Wheel, cup, and end shaped brushes available in nylon, brass, carbon steel, or stainless steel
  • 1 Brush

Dremel Rotary Tool Polishing Brushes

  • 1/8" shank diameter
  • End shape: 1/8" diameter brush
  • Cup shape: 1/2" diameter brush
  • Wheel shape: 3/4" diameter brush
  • Brass:
    • Non-sparking and softer than steel
    • Will not scratch soft metals like gold, copper, brass
    • Ideal for cleaning and surface-finishing items made from gold, bronze, copper or brass
    • Use a brass brush to create a soft, satin or matte finish
  • Nylon:
    • Use for light deburring, cleaning and polishing of silverware, jewelry and other precious metals
    • Can be used with polishing compound
    • Can also be used for cleaning hard plastic or aluminum such as graphite golf clubs or aluminum wheels
  • Stainless Steel:
    • Stainless steel brushes do not cause "after-rust" when used on corrosive-resistant materials like pewter, aluminum and stainless steel
    • Ideal for cleaning, deburring and surface-finishing items made from stainless steel, aluminum, silver, pewter or other white metals
    • To prevent rust and contamination, do not use stainless steel brushes in areas where carbon steel particles may come in contact with the brush (such as steel workbenches), and store stainless steel brushes away from carbon steel brushes
  • Carbon Steel:
    • Versatile brush for removing rust and corrosion
    • Can be used with polishing compound
    • Polish brass, copper, and soft ferrous metal surfaces such as tools, door knobs, and auto parts
    • Deburr and blend surface junctures
    • Clean electrical components and contacts
    • Create an artistic effect on coarse-grained wood
    • Clean flat surfaces
  • Keep a light touch, letting the tips of the brush do the work. Too much pressure can break the bristles.
  • Safety Tips:
    • Before using on a material, allow the tool with brush to run at operating speed for at least one minute to discharge any loose wire bristles
    • Make sure no one stands in front of or in line with the brush
    • Do not run in excess of 15,000 rpm

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