Hickory Trail Rustic Textured Surface Wood Floor

Hickory Trail Rustic Textured Surface Wood Floor by Harris Wood

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Hickory Trail Rustic Textured Surface Wood Floor

Hickory Trail Rustic Wood Floor

Aggressive lineal scrape with random rough chatter marks

Rustic, heavily-worn appearance

Order by the square foot in increments of 20, 38, or 34 depending on width

Hickory Trail Rustic Wood Floor

  • Engineered layered wood planks with tongue-and-groove cut sides and ends for tight joins
  • 3/8" thick
  • Available widths:
    • 5" wide - 34 square feet per box
    • 7" wide - 20 square feet per box
    • Mixed widths of 3", 5" and 7" - 38 square feet per box
  • Random lengths
  • Hand-beveled edges and ends
  • Matte enhanced finish
  • 7-layer enhanced finish is wear and scuff resistant and retains its gloss by not allowing dirt particles to penetrate
  • Stain resistant - will not be stained by ordinary spills such as mustard, markers, and shoe polish

How to Order

The listed price is by the square foot. However, we sell only full boxes. When ordering,


  1. Needed: 72 sq. ft.
  2. Per Box: 31 sq. ft.
  3. 72/31 = 2.32 boxes
  4. 2.32 --> 3 boxes
  5. 3 * 31 = 93 total
  6. Put in "Qty" box: 93
  1. Find the number of square feet you need.
  2. Locate the amount of square feet per box on this page.
  3. Divide what you need by what is per box to find the number of boxes you need.
  4. If the number of boxes is not a whole number, round up to the nearest whole number.
  5. Multiply the number of boxes by the square feet per box to find the total.
  6. Type the total square footage into the "Qty" box and click "Add to Cart".

Available Finishes





An Environmentally-Sound Flooring Choice

  • All timber comes from sustained forests with preservation and replenishment programs in place
  • Domestic tree species are harvested from within 500 miles of the factory, reducing gas emissions
  • 100% of each tree is used - even the sawdust fuels the factory
  • Floors are durable enough to be refinished rather than replaced for generations to come
  • Finishes are VOC and formaldehyde-free
  • Full compliance with the Lacey Act and CARB 93120 Standards

Choosing Your Wood


Engineered Floors...

  • Feature multiple layers of solid wood permanently bonded together
  • Have less expansion and contraction
  • Can go on any sound, flat surface using glue, nails, staples, or even floating (unattached)
  • Can go in basements as well as upper stories
  • Look like a solid floor

Solid Floors...

  • Feature individual planks cut from single pieces of wood
  • Are pre-finished for quick, clean installation
  • Can be installed over OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood subfloor using nails or staples
  • Can be installed at or above ground level


Janka Hardness Test

  • The higher the Janka number, the harder the wood
  • A harder wood is better for higher-traffic homes
High-traffic homes and areas
Janka Species Janka Species
1260 Birch 1820 Hickory, Pecan
1290 Red Oak 2160 Tigerwood
1360 White Oak 2200 Santos Mahogany
1450 Maple (Hard) 2350 Brazilian Cherry
1540 African Teak 3684 Brazilian Walnut
Low-traffic homes and areas
Janka Species
950 American Cherry
1010 Walnut


A thicker grain will conceal scratches and small marks
Gloss Level
A matte finish will show fewer scratches and marks than a glossy finish
A lighter or natural-colored floor will not show dirt, dust, or pet hair as easily
A textured-surface floor will only be enhanced by aging due to furniture, kids, or pets

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